About Kelperland Veterinary Centre

“Traditional values, exceptional care.”


Kelperland Veterinary Centre has provided trusted care for Berkshire’s pets since 1958. We have stayed true to our traditional values and continue to maintain the feel of a friendly, family owned, community practice, situated at the lovely location of Ledger Farm. Our highly qualified team will provide exceptional care for your pets. We all have pets ourselves and will look after your pet as though our own.

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We are family owned and run.

Kelperland shoot 2-1056This is actually quite rare these days.

Many local vet practices are actually part of big corporate chains now – there are obvious ones where you may recognise the name. Then there are the less obvious ones, where the vets appears to be a regular independent vets, but is actually owned by a hedge fund in New York…..this is now surprisingly common.

Why does this matter to you and your pets? If you choose Kelperland to look after your pets you will be;

Choosing a practice who truly care about you and your pets – it’s massively in our interest to do the absolute best for you and your pets, it’s our business and our livelihoods depend on it. This is not just a 9 to 5 job for us.

Choosing a practice that reinvests profits back in to offer even better services year upon year we don’t have to supply a share holders report and show profit every quarter. If we feel that we could offer better pet care with a new piece of equipment, or an item needs replacement with a more up to date model, then we just do it.

Keeping your money within the local economy – we are run and owned by Simon, Camilla and Elana who live around the corner in Fifield. We use local suppliers where possible eg tradesmen, book keepers etc.

Keeping and creating new local jobs – we are hugely proud to employ 8 full time staff and take this responsibility very seriously. We have created five entirely new job roles within the practice since 2014.

We have a truly lovely location.

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We are so happy to be based at Ledger Farm in Fifield. It is a beautiful spot and the the practice itself is within beautiful traditional buildings. Unlike lots of vets we are lucky to have a warm and welcoming space for you to bring your pet into. We also have plenty of free parking available, both immediately outside the building and elsewhere on the farm, making a trip to us stress free. Of course we can come and visit your pet at home if required – just ask. To request an appointment now, just the click the link at the bottom of this page.

In Conclusion.

We aim to build a close relationship with you and your pet, making you feel comfortable and at ease when you visit us, even if it is a worrying time for your pet’s health. We are a unique practice in our area; our size, being family run, and having such a gorgeous location.

In terms of veterinary services we offer the best possible services and aim to apply the most up to date science in caring for your pet. Our vet Simon is a “RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in General Small Animal Surgery.” This means that he has completed significant post graduate study and has been recognised by the veterinary governing body for surgery; in practical terms this allows us to offer the most up to date procedures and care for your pet right here.

In situations where there is a complicated case that requires specialist support, we are proud to have close links with several industry leaders in the area from whom we can attain free advice, or refer you and your pet directly to for treatment.

We are also proud to be affiliated with several animal charities. We have had close links with C.L.A.W.S cat charity for many years, as well as STA ferret rescue, ferrets united and the RSPCA in Hillingdon.

And finally, if you want to get a flavour of what we get up to, see some photos and reviews then go to our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/kelperlandvets



Come and see us! To request an appointment, telephone 01628 624935 or Book Online.