History of the Practice

Kelperland Veterinary Centre was first based in Bray and opened in 1958 by a vet called Bob Townsend.

It has always been a veterinary practice concentrating on pets and this must have set it apart initially as “mixed” practices (looking after farm animals, pets and horses) were traditionally the norm back then.

There is some debate as to where the name Kelperland came from. One school of thought is that it was the name given to a line of German Pointers bred by Bob at the time. If any clients know more we would love to hear it!

In the early 1970s the practice moved to Touchen End, was owned by David Trowbridge and had grown to employ 4 full time vets. There were also branches in Slough, Maidenhead, Camberley and Bracknell.

Kelperland Veterinary Centre is located in Fifield, Maidenhead in Berkshire.

In 1989 Stephen Cooke took over the practice, running it in various forms with great success until 1998, when it was sold, for personal reasons, to a veterinary corporation, VPI. Thankfully Mr Cooke and his wife, Zyllah, were able to buy the practice back again just four years later.

Stephen’s superb local reputation took the practice again from strength to strength. His knowledge, particularly that of many of the more exotic species and birds, made him very popular. In 2009 Stephen and Zyllah moved the practice from Moneyrow Green to its current site at Ledger Farm in Fifield.

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In May 2014 myself, Simon Ratcliffe, and my wife, Camilla, took over the running of the practice. The support staff are still here, as they have been for many years – Lotte has been with the practice since 2000, and Faye since 2004. Mr Cooke worked for us for the first year, easing the changeover, but has now stepped back from the practice and moved out of Berkshire.

Since taking over the practice we have re invested heavily in modern equipment, such as digital x-ray, a dental machine and blood machines. Our aim is to move the practice forward into the next act, whilst staying true to the values that have made it so successful over such a long period of time. We’re delighted that all of of our hard work appears to be paying off – the practice has been nominated for “Vet Practice of the Year” in the prestigious PetPlan awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017.