Diagnostic Tests

Here at Kelperland we have a large array of diagnostic tools at our disposal.

  • In house blood machines can tell us within minutes about the inner health of your pet. They are particularly useful in very sick patients, where the results will impact on the immediate treatment required. This machine also allows us to perform pre-anaesthetic blood profiles, highlighting any potential issues an animal may have with an anaesthetic, before it has even begun.

kelperland 104 (2)

kelperland 127a

  • State of the art digital X-ray allows us to quickly take superb images for accurate diagnosis. These can then be easily demonstrated to you on an iPad, so you can understand what is happening.
  • Ultrasound lets us look inside your pet’s body (most commonly the abdomen) in a completely harmless fashion by placing a probe on the skin. In addition to our own machine, we can also arrange for a specialist ultrasonographer  to examine your pet in more challenging cases.