We offer a range of vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits.

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Here at Kelperland we offer highly effective, and very safe, vaccinations for dogs and cats to protect them against some extremely nasty (and fatal) diseases. Pet vaccination has been such a success in the UK that these diseases are now thankfully very rare. However, we did have a dog tragically die of leptospirosis in the practice in 2014, so it is vital that we all keep our pets protected because these viruses are still very much out there.

It is important to keep up with your pet’s vaccinations for your own pet’s benefit, but by doing this you are also helping to increase the immunity of the dog and cat population in the UK as a whole. The higher the percentage of vaccinated animals as a whole then the safer they all are.

Unfortunately there is some rhetoric online now about pet vaccinations being dangerous. There is simply no evidence of this. We work very closely with our vaccination suppliers and no link has been found between the vaccines we use and any health problems. We also use lepto 2 instead of lepto 4 (the main one that people are worried about). We vary the exact concoction of vaccination we give each year so we are not over vaccinating our pets, but keeping them safe.

We have had zero reactions to any of the vaccinations that we offer here at Kelperland.

Having a yearly booster vaccination is also a vital opportunity for the vet to perform a thorough health check, often allowing us to pick up problems early and discuss any concerns you may have. Pets are notorious for hiding when they are unwell or in pain and it is amazing how frequently we pick up a health problem at a routine check.

The vaccination itself is a simple injection given into the skin above the animal’s neck, it is very quick and well tolerated.

If your pet is overdue his or her boosters don’t worry – bring them down to us and we’ll restart their vaccination course straight away. This is very simple, it just involves a second injection 2-3 weeks later.

To help with the cost of vaccinations we have set up our very own “Pet Club” – signing your pet up into our club gets you big discounts and also spreads costs out over the calendar year. Find out more on our Pet Club tab above.

If you would like any more information regarding vaccinations then just pick up the phone and give us a call on 01628 624935. We would be more than happy to discuss at length with you.

Please note that kennels and catteries require an up to date vaccination card before admitting an animal.


  • In the UK we vaccinate dogs for parvo, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parainfluenza.
  • Puppies have weak immune systems and it is therefore vital that they receive their initial vaccinations at the appropriate time – which is at 8 weeks, and also at 10 weeks old. The puppy is then free to go out one week after the second injection.
  • Thereafter a yearly health check and vaccination is required for life. We will send you a reminder to help jog your memory!
  • If your dog goes into kennels, or is walked with multiple other dogs, then a separate kennel cough vaccination is also required at yearly intervals.
  • We offer rabies vaccination and pet passports for any animals which will be going abroad.
  • We also offer herpes vaccination for at risk pregnant bitches – contact us for more information on this.


  • We vaccinate cats for feline leukemia virus, cat flu and intestinal viruses.
  • Kittens require vaccinations at 9 and 12 weeks old, and can go out from 13 weeks old.
  • Thereafter a yearly health check and vaccination is required for life.


  • We vaccinate rabbits for myxomatosis and HVD virus.
  • Baby rabbits need their first vaccine at 12 weeks old.
  • Thereafter rabbits also require a yearly health check and vaccination is required for life.

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